A More Powerful Lego VSAN coming?

MSI has announced they will be releasing a new Mini PC called “MSI Cubi 2 Plus” and the “MSI Cubi 2 Plus vPro.”  While the Case is a bit unappealing, its the hardware that makes it amazing.   In the same form factor as the Intel NUC, MSI is able to pack in an i7-6700T and a full 32GB of DDR4 Ram.   Then, to make it more exciting, they intend to allow for CPU swap by having a small “ZIF” CPU socket.  This speaks loud to me, simply because anything that is considered modular means better access to the internal parts and a more dynamic CPU cooler.

Here are some quick links you can find via a google search about the MSI Cubi 2:


In terms of performance, here are the simple CPU specs between the MSI Cubi 2 i7-6700T and the Intel NUC i7-5557U.  I understand that one is 6th gen and second is 5th gen, but I don’t see a 6th gen Intel NUC with i7 CPU announcement yet….


I’m thinking this build will require an all flash VSAN configuration and a special Lego build where the MSI parts can exist outside of the mangled stock case.

More to come!